class B - passenger car license

This course is designed for those who do not have a license from their original country yet, or for those who do, but cannot extend their international license or exchange it for a Czech one (European license). It provides you with full preparation to obtain a driver's license for driving a passenger car class B (up to 3500 kg).


standard course - manual/automatic

max. 3 months lengh

20'000 Kč

express course - manual/automatic

max 1 month length

24'000 Kč

how to apply:

To enrol in the course for getting driver's license for a passenger car you need to fulfill the following:

  1. min. 18 years of age (it is possible to start the course before the required age, but the course must be completed on the day of the 18th birthday at the earliest)
  2. have a completed Žádost o přijetí k výuce a výcviku (application form)
  3. have a completed Posudek o zdravotní způsobilosti (helth check form) from a GP not older then 3 months

the course

The course consists of a theoretical and practical part. The theory classes are held twice a week in our classroom.

Theoretical preparation

  1. Vehicle operation and maintenance (theoretical and practical part)
  2. Theory and principles of safe driving
  3. General rules of the road
  4. Road signs
  5. Intersections
  6. Medical training (theoretical and practical part)

Practical preparation

28x 45min of driving a car ( 14x 90min)

At least the first 2 x 45min rides in the car start on the training area, where you will learn the basics of car control, such as clutch control when starting, gear lever, steering wheel, .... After successful completion we will move on to real traffic. We will start in easy traffic and as we progress we will get into the city centre with heavy traffic.

All driving classes starts and finishes from our office at Havlíčkovo nábřeží 21.

the exam

1. Theoretical part (test) 

takes place at Ostrava City Hall, ul. Sokolská str. 28 (next to the Moravel shop). Before the test you need to have paid the exam fee of 700 CZK (see price list) and bring a valid ID card with you to the test. In the test itself you need to achieve at least 43 points out of 50, only then you are allowed to take the test.

2. Practical part (driving) 

the test starts in a one-way street Gregorova, next to the Municipality of Ostrava - Department of Traffic and Administrative Activities. Before the actual driving, a pre-drive inspection of the vehicle is carried out and then, according to the instructions of the examiner, the applicant is obliged to demonstrate independent, smooth and economical driving in compliance with all traffic regulations. The ride lasts at least 30 mins and is driven in the centre and the nearest surroundings ( Přívoz, Fifejdy, Mariánské hory and Vítkovice)

getting the licence 

You can apply for a driver's licence at any office with extended jurisdiction, e.g. Ostrava, Hlučín, Bohumín, Havířov, Frýdek-Místek, .... where you can also pick up your licence (about 3 weeks). The office charges a fee of CZK 200 for this service. In case the applicant is already a holder of any licence, it is possible to get a driving licence within 1 week for a fee of 500 CZK.