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from 2024 lot of the licenses could be exchanged into Czech one

our courses

class B

passenger car

If you want to drive a passenger car, this course is right for you. After getting trough it and exam you will get the driving licence class B allowing you to drive all passenger cars weighs less then 3500 kilograms and max. 9 passengersincluding the driver.

from 20000 Kč

class BE, B96

passenger car with trailer

This course gets you to licence BE or B96 allowing you to tow a trailer behind your car.

from 4000 Kč

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class AM, A1, A2, A


For driving motorbike in Czechia, you need a driving licence accordingly to engine size of your motorbike.

from 20000 Kč

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what will you drive

Toyota Yaris 1.5 gasoline

We have 3 Toyota Yarises with gasoline engines equipped with manual stick shift. It is full loaded so AC, parking camera or heated seats are standard. Through the whole course and exam you will drive same car.

Toyota CH-R 1.8 gasoline hybrid

Most modern car for those who want to get the driver's license, but don't want to deal with clutch and stick shift. It is Toyota C-HR Hybrid with CTV gearbox. Very comfortable car equipped by everything for comfort and safety.